The Strowl

The Strowl cover 360x360 1

A solo project of sorts, released a few weeks before my relocation to Europe, though it was in the works for a while before that.
A collection of pieces I had composed and arranged for an ensemble of electronics, string quartet and wind quartet.

Additional recording by James Goldsmith at Bluebarn Studios.
Mastered by Mike Gibson for Munki.
Vocals – EDIE (Track 5), Angelo King & Chris CK (Track 4)
Violins – Ana Christie & Hannah Fraser (Tracks 2,3,5), Hester Bell Jordan & Grace Stainthorpe (Tracks 1,4)
Viola – Vince Hardaker
Cello – Ruby Solly
Trumpet – Ben Hunt
Alto Sax, Flute – Blair Clarke
Trombone – Gareth Thompson-Darling
Baritone Sax – Duncan Phillips (Tracks 2,3.5), Eilish Wilson (Tracks 1,4)