I Used to Remember Things

A composition from Amsterdam based composer Kim Spierenberg, that i co-produced, mixed , and added some gross bass noises to.


A 3 Track EP from France based, Iranian fusion musician Habib Meftah. I met him through my colleague Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz, and we mixed and mastered (as well as did some additional production) together.

Habib Meftah – Vocals, Percussion, Ney, Production
Valentine Mussou – Cello, Synths, Production
Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz – Mixing, Mastering

Upon First Meeting

A collaboration between Ashton Sellars and Dexter Hercules under their duo name Blutrayne. An instrumental Jazz/hip-hop piece also featuring Nai Barghouti on Flute and Joey Grant on bass. I co produced, played keys and percussion, mixed, and mastered.

Ashton Sellars – Guitar, Production
Dexter Hercules – Drums, Production
Nai Barghouti – Flute
Joey Grant – Bass

Kingdom (Feat. Afronaut Zu)

The Second Single from London based duo Blutrayne (Ashton Sellars and Dexter Hercules), Kingdom featuring Afronaut Zu on Vocals., that i mixed and mastered.

Ashton Sellars – Guitar, Producer
Dexter Hercules – Drums, Producer
Afronaut Zu – Vocals
Jake Edwards-Wood – Keys/Additional Production
Benjamin Muralt – Bass

Hélé – EP

An EP made by Esfand, a duo with multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz. Combining electronic music (for this EP mainly Techno) with elements of Iranian traditional and classical music. The first four songs were predominantly produced by Rouzbeh, where i joined for co-production and mixing later on, the final track Quiescence was done together.

Also featuring Habib Meftah on vocals for Hélé, and Mohsen Namjoo on Vocals for Quiescence.

Remember Summer EP

A collaborative EP between Amsterdam based Singer songwriters Noa Lauryn and Benjamin Fro.
5 summer songs, I co wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, and played Bass and Keys on Ballad, as well as co-production (alongside Ollie de Jong), keys, percussion, and mixing Possibilities.

Noa Lauryn – Vocals
Benjamin Fro – Vocals
Jelle Spierings – Guitar
Yordi Petite – Drums


Noa Lauryn – Vocals
Benjamin Fro – Vocals
Ollie de jong – Bass, Guitar


Rock is a Jazz album I recorded for Giovanni Cigui (and a chordless quartet with two saxophones, bass and drums) over two sessions in late 2018 and early 2019. The album was recorded to tape (with digital transfers) mixed analog and mastered with an analog stage and digital finishing stage. I was assisted on the recording sessions by Weronika Wrzosek & Lim Moon-Young respectively, and it was released on Auand records in late 2020.

Giovanni Cigui – alto sax
Nicolo’ Ricci – tenor sax
Mauro Cottone – double bass
Giacomo Camilletti – drums
special guest
Alistayr Payne – trumpet on #2,6,9,11

produced by Giovanni Cigui
executive producer Marco Valente

Colin Street EP

The Culmination of a year’s work, since meeting Noa, her debut EP
5 tracks all of which I mixed, recorded, produced, and performed various levels of instruments on, and I mastered all except S.Y.M.


All – Noa Lauryn – Vocals

Ashton Sellars – Guitar on No hurries
David Westcombe – Flute on No hurries
Simone Cesarini – Guitar on S.Y.M. and Care
Nello Biasini – Drums on SYM
Isaac McCluskery -Trombone on S.Y.M.
Jimmy Rainey – Tenor Sax on S.Y.M
Tyaan Singh – Alto Sax on S.Y.M.
Wiboud Berkins – Mastering on S.Y.M

Won’t Stop

A collaboration between two of my old friends Ashton Sellars and Louis Baker, that I had the pleasure to mix and master.

Louis Baker – Vocals

Ashton Sellars – Guitar, Production



The second single from Noa Lauryn debut EP Colin Street

A song about needing those moments of stillness when the world is hectic around you, I produced, recorded, played all the instruments, mixed, and mastered it.

Noa Lauryn – Vocals & Lyrics