I Used to Remember Things

A composition from Amsterdam based composer Kim Spierenberg, that i co-produced, mixed , and added some gross bass noises to.

Upon First Meeting

A collaboration between Ashton Sellars and Dexter Hercules under their duo name Blutrayne. An instrumental Jazz/hip-hop piece also featuring Nai Barghouti on Flute and Joey Grant on bass. I co produced, played keys and percussion, mixed, and mastered.

Ashton Sellars – Guitar, Production
Dexter Hercules – Drums, Production
Nai Barghouti – Flute
Joey Grant – Bass

Hélé – EP

An EP made by Esfand, a duo with multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz. Combining electronic music (for this EP mainly Techno) with elements of Iranian traditional and classical music. The first four songs were predominantly produced by Rouzbeh, where i joined for co-production and mixing later on, the final track Quiescence was done together.

Also featuring Habib Meftah on vocals for Hélé, and Mohsen Namjoo on Vocals for Quiescence.

52​.​0447° N, 4​.​2033° E

’52​.​0447° N, 4​.​2033° E’ a Jazz album by Hue Blanes’ Lowlands Quartet. I met Hue through Vito Viçar (who alos plays guitar on most of the record) and we talked about doing a more produced through composed jazz album than the more traditional ‘live registration’, this is the result. I co-produced and did sound design alongside Hue, engineered the recording alongside Tomas Velcka and played bass and drums on ‘For Keith’.

Hue Blanes: Co-Producer, Steinway Piano, Rhodes Electric Piano, Hammond B3 Organ, Prophet X5, Korg MS20, Xylophone, Drums, Percussion, Sampling, Vocals
Damien Charles: Mixing Engineer, Sound Design
Tomas Valecka: Recording Engineer
Ross Cockle: SSL Mastering Engineer
Jack Vintage: Artistic Concept, Design and Photography
Marija Voitenkova: Vocalist and Lyrics for Limburg (I Woke up in)
Raphaël Royer: Acoustic and Electric Basses
Vito Vicar: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Kumar Shome: Electric Guitar in Live at the Half Note
David Puime Pérez- Drums

Remember Summer EP

A collaborative EP between Amsterdam based Singer songwriters Noa Lauryn and Benjamin Fro.
5 summer songs, I co wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, and played Bass and Keys on Ballad, as well as co-production (alongside Ollie de Jong), keys, percussion, and mixing Possibilities.

Noa Lauryn – Vocals
Benjamin Fro – Vocals
Jelle Spierings – Guitar
Yordi Petite – Drums


Noa Lauryn – Vocals
Benjamin Fro – Vocals
Ollie de jong – Bass, Guitar

Requiem for the Rial (Feat. Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz)

A song that I assisted my good friend Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz in recording/producing in De Gheijn Studios Den Haag, we rearranged parts of the song, recorded drums, percussion piano, clarinet, and bass. I performed parts of each (except the clarinet) and engineered the recording.

Produced by

Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz

Written by

Ehsan Goodarzi, Khatereh Hakimi, Rouzbeh Esfandarmaz

Colin Street EP

The Culmination of a year’s work, since meeting Noa, her debut EP
5 tracks all of which I mixed, recorded, produced, and performed various levels of instruments on, and I mastered all except S.Y.M.


All – Noa Lauryn – Vocals

Ashton Sellars – Guitar on No hurries
David Westcombe – Flute on No hurries
Simone Cesarini – Guitar on S.Y.M. and Care
Nello Biasini – Drums on SYM
Isaac McCluskery -Trombone on S.Y.M.
Jimmy Rainey – Tenor Sax on S.Y.M
Tyaan Singh – Alto Sax on S.Y.M.
Wiboud Berkins – Mastering on S.Y.M


The second single from Noa Lauryn debut EP Colin Street

A song about needing those moments of stillness when the world is hectic around you, I produced, recorded, played all the instruments, mixed, and mastered it.

Noa Lauryn – Vocals & Lyrics


A song I produced with Amsterdam based Dutch singer Noa Lauryn

I produced the song, playing all the synths and programming percussion, recorded all the parts, mixed and mastered it.

Noa Lauryn – Voice, Writing
Simone Cesarini – Guitar


A Single produced and composed with Brockaflower, I played synths, synth bass, and electronic percussion, and mixed the song.


Masterd by Mike Gibson for Munki