Colin Street EP

The Culmination of a year’s work, since meeting Noa, her debut EP
5 tracks all of which I mixed, recorded, produced, and performed various levels of instruments on, and I mastered all except S.Y.M.


All – Noa Lauryn – Vocals

Ashton Sellars – Guitar on No hurries
David Westcombe – Flute on No hurries
Simone Cesarini – Guitar on S.Y.M. and Care
Nello Biasini – Drums on SYM
Isaac McCluskery -Trombone on S.Y.M.
Jimmy Rainey – Tenor Sax on S.Y.M
Tyaan Singh – Alto Sax on S.Y.M.
Wiboud Berkins – Mastering on S.Y.M


The second single from Noa Lauryn debut EP Colin Street

A song about needing those moments of stillness when the world is hectic around you, I produced, recorded, played all the instruments, mixed, and mastered it.

Noa Lauryn – Vocals & Lyrics


Another song recorded as part of the EP with Sara Abraham, an atmospheric folk tune inspired by Sara’s Grandmother’s final days and passing, sung in her mother tongue of Greek.

I produced it, recorded it at the KC in Den Haag assisted by Cas Samson, mixed it and, and it was mastered by Marco Giaschi

Sara Abraham – Vocals
Auke de Vries – drums
Luciano Varela – double bass
Oriol Mares – Clarinet
Pablo Sanchez – acoustic guitar

Big Man

A song I produced, recorded and mixed for Sara Abraham, originally from Cyrpus now based in Rotterdam.

We recorded an EP in Den Haag as part of an initiative to forge a connection between our respective school (Codarts and the Koninklijk Conservatorium) assisted by Cas Samson, and mastering by Marco Giaschi

Sara Abraham – Vocals
Auke de Vries – drums
Luciano Varela – double bass
Gregorio Herreros Sanchez – piano
Oriol Mares – backing vocals
Pablo Sanchez – acoustic guitar
Mo Gahbler – percussion


A song I produced with Amsterdam based Dutch singer Noa Lauryn

I produced the song, playing all the synths and programming percussion, recorded all the parts, mixed and mastered it.

Noa Lauryn – Voice, Writing
Simone Cesarini – Guitar


A Single produced and composed with Brockaflower, I played synths, synth bass, and electronic percussion, and mixed the song.


Masterd by Mike Gibson for Munki

Where are you from?

A single from Brockaflower, a 9 piece group I played bass, keys, and electronics for.

I played Keys,Bass, produced some electronic percussion, and mixed the song.

Also produced and composed in collaboration with the rest of the band.


Mastered by Mike Gibson for Munki


Continental Breakfast

A song I produced for NZ based Rapper Chris CK. I made the instrumental, playing all the parts in, recorded Chris, and mixed the track. Released on NZ based label Dust Supply.

Old Zealand

An album with Auckland, New Zealand Based Rapper Ryan Hendricks. Multiple producers, recorded predominantly in Den Haag, Netherlands.

I produced tracks 3, 5, 8, co produced tracks 2, 6. Recorded voice for all tracks except 12, and the whole album.

Mastered by Kruff Kurtis

The Strowl

A solo project of sorts, released a few weeks before my relocation to Europe, though it was in the works for a while before that.
A collection of pieces I had composed and arranged for an ensemble of electronics, string quartet and wind quartet.

Additional recording by James Goldsmith at Bluebarn Studios.
Mastered by Mike Gibson for Munki.
Vocals – EDIE (Track 5), Angelo King & Chris CK (Track 4)
Violins – Ana Christie & Hannah Fraser (Tracks 2,3,5), Hester Bell Jordan & Grace Stainthorpe (Tracks 1,4)
Viola – Vince Hardaker
Cello – Ruby Solly
Trumpet – Ben Hunt
Alto Sax, Flute – Blair Clarke
Trombone – Gareth Thompson-Darling
Baritone Sax – Duncan Phillips (Tracks 2,3.5), Eilish Wilson (Tracks 1,4)