A song I produced with Amsterdam based Dutch singer Noa Lauryn

I produced the song, playing all the synths and programming percussion, recorded all the parts, mixed and mastered it.

Noa Lauryn – Voice, Writing
Simone Cesarini – Guitar

Continental Breakfast

A song I produced for NZ based Rapper Chris CK. I made the instrumental, playing all the parts in, recorded Chris, and mixed the track. Released on NZ based label Dust Supply.

27 Years Young

The first single by a very close friend Ashton Sellars, with whom I have spent many years making music. I mixed this track, including replacing certain drum elements and editing the parts, as well as helped with recording the bass.

Produced/Composed by Ashton Sellars
Bass by Benjamin Muralt
Keys by James Illingsworth
Percussion by Felix Higginbottom

Mastered by Nick Powell

Old Zealand

An album with Auckland, New Zealand Based Rapper Ryan Hendricks. Multiple producers, recorded predominantly in Den Haag, Netherlands.

I produced tracks 3, 5, 8, co produced tracks 2, 6. Recorded voice for all tracks except 12, and the whole album.

Mastered by Kruff Kurtis

The Strowl

A solo project of sorts, released a few weeks before my relocation to Europe, though it was in the works for a while before that.
A collection of pieces I had composed and arranged for an ensemble of electronics, string quartet and wind quartet.

Additional recording by James Goldsmith at Bluebarn Studios.
Mastered by Mike Gibson for Munki.
Vocals – EDIE (Track 5), Angelo King & Chris CK (Track 4)
Violins – Ana Christie & Hannah Fraser (Tracks 2,3,5), Hester Bell Jordan & Grace Stainthorpe (Tracks 1,4)
Viola – Vince Hardaker
Cello – Ruby Solly
Trumpet – Ben Hunt
Alto Sax, Flute – Blair Clarke
Trombone – Gareth Thompson-Darling
Baritone Sax – Duncan Phillips (Tracks 2,3.5), Eilish Wilson (Tracks 1,4)